“Thank you for helping chickens like me,” Cicely!

Black Thistle Farm saves chickens. But we can’t do it alone.


It takes all of us to step up and take responsibility for these birds that can’t help themselves. As the news reports testified we pay for the birds’ needs out of our own pockets. This gets really $$$$. Our vet bills have amounted to well over $10,000 in the past few years. That’s quite a bit of $$$, and no one is laying golden eggs! Here’s what you can do….

Individual and Family Sponsor

All donations are welcome!

Finances are really tight. We know that – all too well! That’s why we have some great gifts for our sponsors!

$10 gets you and your family mentioned on our “Chicken’s are the changing the world” webpage! Thank you!

$20 you get mentioned on our site AND you receive a free consultation!

$50 you get mentioned, you receive a free consultation and you get a luxurious box of our “Free-Range” organic chocolates!

Donations $100 and above. Unlimited consultation and a blog post thanking you for your generosity and your dedication to “changing the world.”

Corporate Sponsors

Want our clients and of fans clicking on your ad? Well….

“Of course you do. That’s called good marketing – and people like to buy stuff.” Mireille Francis, world renowned marketing consultant, theoretical physicist and economist.

Our site is visited by chickens and people. If you sell chicken stuff or people stuff – WE WANT YOU!

With our vast fan and client following your products will reach a wonderful selection of dedicated and educated chicken keepers. Because we are a business, we understand your needs. After collecting our own advertising “pet peeves” (pun intended) – we came up with a unique sponsorship frame intended to serve YOUR business.

  • You will receive a personal recommendation and references from me, Dr. Andrea Martin. Your ad won’t just sit there. It will get “activated” in my posts.
  • You will also receive a personalized blog post and a special thank you on our new Sponsor’s Page. As a rescue we understand that being frugal is important! We want you to get results and get treated like an “individual.” Remember – we are also in your shoes.
  • Sparse competition. We choose sponsors VERY carefully. This means your ad won’t disappear in a “sea” of other ads. We hate that as much as you do! In fact, I will regularly promote your product in posts – you deserve exposure.
  • We also offer regular “give-aways” at no charge to your company. You already are donating services or goods – why pay even more to do that!!!? Exactly. We hate that too.

Sponsor Packages:

  1. First month free (yup) when you sign up for 3 months of ad space. $200
  2. Two months free when you sign up for 6 months of ad space! $400

Special Sponsor – your own page on our website, a blog post for your product/service, give-aways and…let me know what else you would need! Contact howtodothings101 for options.

Sweet Cicely– Cicely, the leghorn, is available for “celebrity endorsements” – people from all walks of life instantly recognize Cicely! She really is a star. Her inspirational story and charismatic personality have reached people all over the globe.

“Talk to my publicist.”