Raising Your chickens

Get your little dears into developed, egg-delivering grown-ups that are a delight to have.

The 101 on Raising Chickens

I can’t think of anything cuter than a baby chicken, can you? They pop out of their eggs tired and in need of everything. We are biologically wired to nurture this “baby” shape – big head, big eyes and that tiny form.

But how do you get the little darlings into mature, egg-producing adults that are a joy to have? It’s not as easy as putting them in a coop and giving them corn to nibble. But for starters, you should definitely check out my blog post on Efowl: Raising Those Little Darlings

Not all chickens are hatched equally! If unsure which breed to pick, check out this blog post on The Importance of Heritage Breeds

Want to learn more about the hatching process? Check out Winter Hatching and Raising Chickens
You can also read my article for the The Permaculture Research Institute on Raising Chickens

More to come including…

  • From egg to adult – including raising, breeding, and keeping
  • Raise chickens in your neighborhood by knowing zoning issues and urban flock raising
  • All types of behavior problems – training, desensitizing, teaching them to be friendly
  • Rooster issues – crowing, fighting, and flock integration
  • Chicken rehabilitation and rescue help for abused animals
  • And much more – including reader requests!

In the meantime, be sure to check out our pages on Chicken Tips and Cool Chicken Facts!

We have something to crow about…

Here it is!

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Plan your vacation, or heck, take the day off and visit these camps in Indiana or Virginia. What’s more important than chickens? Exactly.