Need A Vet?

Check back for resources and contacting avian and other veterinarians!

If you know of an avian vet – or a vet that teats poultry in your neck of the coop – let us know!

Note: Avian vets often consult with your local vet. Your vet may need to contact a poultry expert. This is important.

If you are a vet and you treat poultry – Hey! We are looking for you….

PLEASE find a vet, call around, ask poultry clubs, Google,  etc…long before you get poultry. Don’t believe the “I can’t find one” mantra that permeates the poultry world. They are out there. Stop wasting your time Googling “Egg Binding,” and start Googling “Avian Vets.”

If you already have poultry, be aware that birds usually need emergency care by the time they show any sign of illness. Unlike you, your dog or cat, when a bird is ill they go down hill fast. Really fast. Never ignore any sign of illness in your birds and STOP wasting precious time talking to people who saved a rooster by using garlic, crystals, parsley, whiskey, stuck it in a dark box with a cucumber…whatever.

One case: Hen presenting with ye old “wry neck.”

Backyard poultry people tips: “Oh, well that’s a simple case of nutrients and neurological thingies. Probably got hit in the head. Yup, classic wry neck. Just pop some vitamins and an aspirin for inflammation and she’ll be fine, yup.”

Actual REAL diagnosis: REAL vet did an x-ray revealing a birth defect. No treatment, but bird will live relatively normal life.

Do not assume you can treat the birds yourself. Avians are complicated and require skilled veterinary care. A vet will be able to talk you through some things.

Remember, old tales and tricks are not necessarily any good. Some are, some aren’t. People “back in the day” did what they could with what they had. We NOW have real medical solutions. Use them.

Many people view birds as not having real bodies. They are vertebrates with the same feelings and “bodies” as your cat and dog. Chickens most certainly feel pain. Vertebrates are vertebrates.

* Please be VERY careful about getting medical advice from “chicken experts” that ARE NOT vets.  These people simplify symptoms – You cannot diagnose a bird from taking a “crack at it.” You need lab work, X-rays, etc. Real doctors go to medical school. They are licensed to practice.

I can’t tell you how much grief and how many birds I have saved by telling people to go to the vet…now! Many of these birds would be DEAD if the people had listened to the backyard “tipsters”.

A word about internet vet tips – from non-vets (Did you go to vet school and graduate with a DVM? No? YOU ARE NOT A VET!)

Do NOT assume any old vet will treat avians. Chickens and other poultry are considered exotics. So check the following terms: Exotics, Zoological Medicine, Avian. Some vets are poultry experts.

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