The House That Turns Black2The House That Turns Black in the Rain
Eleven-year-old Anne O’Hayden needed to uncover the long-hidden past of her family’s home, Carrickduff. The grand cut-stone house already possessed a tragic past when Anne’s grandfather rescued the bankrupt and abandoned estate, and all talk concerning the source of Carrickduff’s fall was silenced by an obscure social code. Most believed that the farm’s dark history had been buried with old Mr. O’Hayden’s purchase, and so no one noticed when the stranger returned to Bray. But there was one tenant who was willing to talk. Anne’s tranquil days begin to crumble, as the remaining inhabitants must decide if they are willing to risk their lives for the house that turns black in the rain. Set in 1860, “The House That Turns Black in the Rain” is written with a unique perspective—presented from the viewpoint of an eleven-year old girl. The novel’s historical accuracy is balanced by a contemporary theme, as the O’Hayden family discovers that enmity cannot always be resolved without loss.

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Coming Soon: “The Mirror”

The Mirror
What is it like to see history unfold in the present – injustice, conspiracy – the lavish allure of power?

What is it like to watch as everything keeps happening… over and over again?

What if the past is a mirror to the present?

Hugh Desmond resolved to evict his dark memories in order to live a mundane life as a rental house proprietor. Everything finally seemed to fall into tranquil place until the arrival of his latest guest. Alix Daguerre isn’t just the Boston-based agent of the International Abolitionist Society helping victims of human trafficking – but Hugh isn’t aware of that. Unfortunately for Alix, cultivating a liaison with the Lazarus Agency, whose name is more than just an allusion to the Biblical parable, might have been a hasty decision. Billions are at stake in modern cross border slavery and the traders aren’t ready to exchange money for ethics.

The ruthless trinity of arms running, drug trafficking and the cross border sale of millions translates to big business. And one of these traders holds a darker purpose than greed.

The voices of the living and the dead testify from the graves of Ireland, the capital of Nigeria, and the streets of Thailand as danger advances in a Colorado mountain.

Ms. Daguerre is about to be reacquainted with her past—but then again so is Hugh, and he will need to be, if he is to save them both. Only trust can unchain a truth kept hidden for 200 years.