You’ve taken the first step to your dream chicken flock! Let the magic begin!

We are located in Massachusetts on a small farm in the center of the state and offer consultation services on the following:
Chicken Care & Advice • Chicken Rescue Help • How to Adopt or Foster a Chicken • Chicken Behavior

Full Course

Take this $5,000 course for ONLY $200!

Sign-up to enroll in a one-on-one animal behavior session geared to fully understanding chicken culture and behavior. We will delve into current behavior, cognitive and neuroscience research. We will read from experts. This is the course I teach at university – but you will be the only student! Save $$$ and get personalized attention.

The back story and the tools you will acquire by taking this course will apply to human and other animal behavior. The knowledge you gain will keep on giving…that’s what I want. You will be thrilled! These courses normally run for $5,000! What a savings.

Course: $200 (over a $4,500 savings!)
Researchers we will study:

  • Temple Grandin
  • C. Nichols
  • Con Slobodchikoff
  • Jaak Panksepp
  • and many more!

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À la carte Courses

Option One: Personal Consultations on all aspects of Chicken care, poultry yard construction and enrichment, keeping them safe, what your chickens want you to do for them…and more! One hour of information PLUS emailed overview. $50

Option Two:Translate “Chicken!” Why does he crow? Are my hens really talking to each other? Researchers are proving that animals have REAL language. Chicken people already knew THAT! THIS is the real deal. I have hundreds of hours living with chickens (like Jane Goodall – just without the bugs and heat – and I get eggs and cuddles), and I will teach you to understand chicken. I will also explain my “translation/decoding” technique.

Option Three: Video Analysis. Curious about your chicks are doing? Are they misunderstood? Need troubleshooting? Send me your videos of what is “going on” and I will solve and explain your chicken situation! $50

Rooster Consult: Want to learn about rooster culture? Wonder what your boys are up to? Fun and informative and only $25 per session!

Rooster Troubleshooting: Prevent and fix all of your rooster problems. I will identify and explain what is happening with your roos and with your set-up. Remember there are NO bad roosters. We can fix it. Simple consult: $25

Major issues (severe aggression, legal issues, significant rooster rehabilitation): This is a detailed and involved consult – with continued support – we will use video and WHATEVER it takes to identify and solve your issue. $50

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(Or Call: 978-303-7577)

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“I took this course from Dr. Martin, and it was amazing. My whole understanding of people, animals and WHY we all do things is amazing. As a school teacher, my students are going to really benefit! NOW I know how to work with my students. And my chickens, of course!”
~Robert B (Ohio)

“I was so afraid I would not be able to keep my 2 roosters. The kids were so upset and I was in tears! We learned the skills to understand what was happening and we knew the mistakes we were making! This course was a life saver. Our boys are living together and NOW I am crying because I am so happy!”
~Rachel S. (Texas)

“OMG. I really can speak chicken. Dr. Martin taught me to really observe and to take the time to note what the chickens were saying, to pick up the volume, tone and intensity of the vocalizing. I’m an old timer and a rancher,but I finally realized that I was prejudiced against other animals because the world kept telling us they can’t speak. Boy, was I wrong! We used prairie dog and whale research to understand that animals have language and dialects and that they create words. Most other chicken language explanations were really not getting it – they were waaay too simplistic. Chicken’s speak and create an unbelievably rich and complex language. I learned to take the time to observe and listen and to STOP guessing and making answers up. I heard my rooster sing the egg song – it’s not just hens that sing this! I also learned that chicken ‘words’ have more than one meaning and purpose. I never knew that there were roosters crow to convey well over 5 messages! There isn’t one meaning to ANY of the birds calls. Wow, wow, wow. I really feel smart and I really feel like a scholar. Bottom line – people were just making stuff up and not REALLY listening to what the birds were saying. I always looked at nature – but NOW I observe it with an open mind.”
~George B. (Wyoming)