Got a Chicken Problem?

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”
~Anatole France

How Your Problems save chickens

When I fix your chicken issue, the fee goes directly to Black Thistle Farm Chicken Rescue! THANK YOU for being a chicken hero!

Help Our Cause!

About Your Coach…

Raised on an old fashioned farm, Andrea knew animals would be her passion. She is a poultry behaviorist specializing in chicken rehabilitation and rescue. She teaches courses in writing and sustainability at a local university, and her current work involves uncovering the language and culture of chickens and horses through connection and interaction. After earning a Ph.D. from Boston University, Andrea became a freelance writer with a focus in animal behavior. She shows clients how to connect with their chickens and horses at Black Thistle Farm, where she is “just one of the flock” – and not at the top either. After all, it’s all about the chickens!

“I have hundreds of hours (over 20 years) of evidence built from living within chicken flocks. I’m the Jane Goodall of chickens. And that means results for you!”

Chickens behaving badly? Not for long – Get REady for some flocking good fun!

  • Learn how to understand chicken culture and language
  • Learn how to problem solve and troubleshoot
  • Find out what your birds are saying and learn to develop “feel”
  • Understand how to use body language and “universal tone” to communicate more clearly with your birds

One-On-One Service – 100% Success (or it’s free)

Tired of being just another ignored click on a Facebook page or blog? No one is “Faceless” on here! We chickens like to talk to you beak to beak. And I have a phone number. You can call me, and you won’t get a computer or a secretary. EVER!

As an expert consultant I can help you on a richer level that will have impact and weight in poultry-related court cases, chicken husbandry and well, heck, ANY chicken issue you need solved once and for all. STOP scratching through the internet “mulch” for the “gems.” You need someone who can solve YOUR chicken case!

I don’t work with chicken popular posters and celebrities, I work with veterinarians and experts.

Stop rooster aggression
• Shhhh! You can stop or limit crowing. Seriously. No gimmicks – just use bird behavior.
• Why you must never buy a coop smaller than 6×6 – EVER!!!
• End egg-eatin
• Bird bonding – get your chickens to love you
• Teach those chickens to come when called – it can save their lives
• Prevent predator problems – what you don’t know will kill your birds

• Fix feather picking! Stop that terrible behavior.
• Dissolve flock boredom
• Turn your roosters from outlaws to model citizens in one day
• Problems you can’t put your finger on – the answers may surprise you
• Why a same age flock will give you headaches
• No eggs? Here’s why
• Are you feeding your birds right? Why grain is NOT everything the chickens need
• Cultivate chicken garden helpers – instead of chicken garden grinches!
• Insert [your problem] here . It’s already fixed! Why are you waiting?

Save time, money, worry, heartbreak and hundreds in vet bills.

“Andrea solved my egg-eating problem in one call. The reason my hen, ‘Ruthy,’ was doing it blew me away! The grain store people told me to kill the hen – seriously. Some online blog guy told me to hire a contractor to build sliding nests???? I don’t have that kind of money. Geez. Andrea saved me sooo much time, stress and crazy $$$. Ugh. Thank you. And I love those chickens at Black Thistle Farm!” Mary, GA

” My loving chick, ‘Barry,’ grew up to be a mean boy! I was so sad, I didn’t know what I did to get him to seemingly turn on us. We almost had to give him away- especially when he attacked our young son. Andrea, saved our family and gave us our loving roster back! OMG. I was crying. Turns out , Barry was just a normal rooster that needed some love and trust guidance. We followed the steps and got a loving boy back. Thank you!”

“Our neighbors complained because our rooster crowed so much! I didn’t think you could stop crowing so easily – or at all. Wow. This was amazing. Our rooster hardly EVER crows and our neighbors are thrilled! Yay!”

Did you just spend $1000 for a coop you’ll want to throw away?

I don’t sponsor or sell anything that has no proven value or success for you.

PLEASE don’t waste $$$ on hyped products!

Learn how $50 well spent can save you thousands later on. Would you rather gain $50 in a wise investment or lose hundreds…and even your chickens’ lives, by buying the wrong coops.

What to Expect – Amazing REsults Tailored to your flock

This step-by-step approach is for everyone. Do you want to learn about chickens, are you ready to GET your FIRST flock! Do you want to rescue and foster birds in need?
“Old pro?” There’s more to know…because living with chickens is a life-time learning experience. The birds have so much to teach us!

Exciting! Ummm….eggciting!

Get accurate information and directions, including problem solving help throughout your chicken-keeping experience.

We specialize in roosters and will ensure that your experience with your birds is waaay beyond anything you expected. There are NO LOST CAUSES. NEVER give up on your rooster.

You will get help every step of the way – from site location to building the right coop. I will locate vets for you and anything else that you and your flock needs!

I KNOW you will be successful. Because I know how to put real research to work for you.

I also know you love your chickens – and that you are deeply committed to animal welfare. This is a resource site that is approachable and friendly. It focuses on living with chickens as family members and partners in daily activities. Science and chicken cognitive studies show us how complex and intelligent chickens are. Learn how to put that bird brain to work for you!

• Live near MA? Let my chickens teach you! Find out more: 978-303-7577